This site is designed to help people who suffer from delayed ejaculation.We are on a mission to help men overcome this very frustrating and sometimes embarrassing sexual disorder.We aim to provide as much information(books,news articles) on DE and all things related as we possibly can.After ten years of research and trying countless different methods of treatment,It has become very clear that for a healthy male to have DE,porn and masturbation are the most domineering factors.

If you feel a medical problem or medication you are currently taking is the reason you may have delayed ejaculation.please speak to your doctor about the options you have.It could be that you stop taking a certain medication like prozac or guanethidine  and the DE disappears.

After looking round the internet to find information and help websites to help men overcome DE,we found that most of the treatments are either counselling or programmes that come at a price.The simple fact is every man who has delayed ejaculation should first try the method that this site recommends,before even considering paying for sex therapy or some programme that has promise’s a lot but delivers very little and you pay through the nose for it.



  • First stop watch porn.It will give you unrealistic expectations about sex and women.You’re brain gets so much stimulation from porn.In a five-minute period you could have watched five different beautiful women have sex in different positions.The brain releases dopamine,which make’s you feel great.After awhile real sex does not give you the same stimulation and you find it really hard to get turned on enough to be able to ejaculate.JUST CUT IT OUT.Here is a really good video explaining the effects of porn on your brain.



  • Stop masturbating so much and in the same way(Death grip).If you masturbate often and use a really tight grip,the penis will become desensitized and you will lose a lot of the feeling in your penis during sex.A vagina will not give the same stimulation as the aggressive death grip masturbation technique .If you are going to masturbate use a real feel vagina sex toy,it will help reproduce the feeling from real sex and get the penis used to the lighter stimulation to bring yourself to climax.Here’s a video about death grip masturbation.


  • Get positive information about delayed ejaculation.Read books,news articles and listen to hypnosis.Get a positive mind frame about sex and being able to overcome DE.If you follow these steps,you Will feel different about sex and women.You will in a matter of weeks be able to ejaculate during real sex.


  • Nofap and reboot nation are great sites/forums,that will reinforce the method this site is recommending. Because it is tried and tested.Here is a Reboot nation video